Majority of Mainers Oppose Kavanaugh

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A poll released by the Maine People's Resource Center shows that a majority of Maine voters believe U.S. Senators Angus King and Susan Collins should not vote to confirm President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The survey, conducted in part before and in part after Professor Christine Blasey Ford made public her allegation of sexual assault last week, shows that 52 percent of respondents opposed Kavanaugh's nomination. Thirty-nine percent supported the nomination and 10 percent were undecided.

2016 Referendums and Presidential Favorability

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A new poll from the Maine People's Resource Center provides a first look at three ballot measures likely to be voted on this November and voters' opinions of presidential front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as attention shifts to the General Election.

The MPRC survey of 557 likely voters conducted in March found both Clinton and Trump with higher unfavorable than favorable ratings in Maine. 66% of voters reported an unfavorable opinion of Trump and 33% favorable, compared with 56% and 43% for Clinton.

2014 Election Polling Accuracy

Based on preliminary returns from the 2014 General Election, the Maine People’s Resource Center was once again the most accurate pollster in Maine.

MPRC’s average results for each candidate or referendum position were closest to the actual vote percentages in four of five statewide and congressional races on Election Day. The exception was the U.S. Senate race, where the Portland Press Herald/University of New Hampshire poll had the most accurate results.

Poll indicates it will be a long election night

Full results here.

The final pre-election poll released today for the November, 2014 election by the Maine People's Resource Center, the Maine public opinion research organization with the best record of accuracy in predicting election results, shows both the Maine gubernatorial contest and the Second Congressional District race too close to call heading into the last few days before the mid-term election.

Swing District Poll Shows Strong Support for Health Care Expansion

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Full survey results:

The Maine People's Resource Center (MPRC), an organization with the best record for accuracy in public opinion research in Maine, has released a new poll surveying swing State House districts on health care issues. The survey found that 69% of likely voters support accepting federal funding to expand MaineCare coverage to 70,000 more Mainers and 53% said they would be less likely to vote for a State Representative who voted against accepting federal funds.

Michaud, Collins Lead in 2014 Races

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Full Results (PDF)

Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud leads in the race for Maine governor with 40% of the vote in a new poll released today by the Maine People's Resource Center. Republican incumbent Governor Paul LePage garners the support of 34% of likely voters and independent candidate Eliot Cutler trails with 17%.

In a two-way match-up, Michaud would win handily with 56% of the vote to 36% for LePage.


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