May, 2011 - Clean Elections (with MCCE)​

MAY 2011 – The Maine People’s Resource Center conducted a public opinion survey of 525 registered Maine voters on behalf of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections.

The results show strong support for Maines Clean Election system. 71.5 percent of respondents expressed a belief that Maine should continue the program. Of those, 99% indicated that continuing Clean Elections was either somewhat or very important, with most (80.3%) choosing very important.

Support for Clean Elections was strong across all age groups and geographic areas measured and among both men and women. Majorities of 58.1% of Republicans and 55% of self-identified supporters of the tea party expressed their support for the continuation of the program.

Similarly large majorities, including among Republicans and tea party supporters were seen when respondents were asked if candidates for governor should use the program.

When opposition to the law was mentioned and a question was asked about repeal of Clean Elections rather than the programs continuance, 61% of respondents, including a majority of Republicans and a plurality of tea party supporters said they opposed repealing the law. Only 20% of respondents supported repeal and this number dropped to 12% when asked about the legislature repealing the law only for gubernatorial candidates and leaving it in place for legislative candidates.