September, 2012 – President, U.S. Senate and Tax Breaks for the Wealthy

SEPTEMBER 2012 – The Maine People’s Resource Center has released initial results from a public opinion poll of likely Maine 2012 voters, with survey information on the presidential race, the United States Senate race and voter opinion on raising taxes on the wealthy.

In the U.S. Senate race, independent candidate Angus King, with 44% of the vote, maintains a large lead over both his Democratic and Republican opponents, but with smaller margins than in public polls released previously.

This shift is likely due in part to the more than $1.5 million in anti-King ads that have been aired in recent weeks. (1) Another factor may be King’s position reversal on allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire for those making more than $250,000 a year. MPRC’s poll found that a solid majority of Mainers not only favor raising taxes on the wealthy, but believe doing so will improve the economy, the number one issue for voters this year. Pew Research has found similar results nationally. (2)

In the presidential race, President Obama maintains a strong 16-point advantage over Republican challenger Mitt Romney statewide, but by a smaller, 7-point margin in the Second Congressional District (Maine apportions some of its electoral votes by Congressional District).

Additional results from this survey will be released tomorrow, Thursday, September 20th.

MPRC has a reputation for transparency and accountability in public opinion research and has an unparalleled track record of accuracy in electoral polling in Maine.