November, 2019 – Biden, Warren Lead in Maine’s Democratic Presidential Primary

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A poll of likely voters in the March, 2020 Democratic presidential primary released today by the Maine People’s Resource Center shows strong support for a range of progressive policies proposed by presidential candidates, with wide majorities favoring the Raise the Wage Act, Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.

The federal policy proposal with the widest support is the Opioid Crisis Accountability Act, which would ban deceptive marketing of opioids and impose fines on companies found liable for contributing to the opioid epidemic. 85 percent of Democratic voters backed the Act.

The policy that garners the most impassioned support is a 2 percent wealth tax proposed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, with 82 percent overall support and 69 percent of primary voters counting themselves as “strongly” in favor.

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads among the presidential contenders in Maine with 27 percent of the vote. Warren garners 22 percent. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who won Maine’s presidential caucus handily in 2016, has the support of 15% of Democratic voters.

No other candidates pass the 15 percent threshold to claim delegates in the contest, which will not be conducted using ranked-choice voting.

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